Our Latest Projects

In a professional context it often happens that private or corporate clients.

Koncept Education

  • Developed Website & Desktop software
  • Implemented Recorded Lectures Streaming with secure video against piracy
  • Optimized servers for efficiency
  • Established a Live Lectures Platform with interactive feedback

Koncept Education Application

  • Developed App
  • Implemented Recorded Lectures Streaming with secure video against piracy
  • Mobile App Content Encryption Service
  • Mobile App Live Lecture Platform

Bhavtej Syntex Pvt. Ltd.

  • Customized ERP Software for logistics management
  • Designed Local Software for internal office use
  • Integrated API's with ERP and Accounting packages
  • Introduced a Debtors Payment cycle-based reward system
  • Implemented Customer Relationship Management System

Shop Nyraa

  • Customizable Shopify Store Design
  • Efficient Product Management System
  • Seamless Checkout Experience
  • Responsive Customer Support Integration

Boomie Application

  • Offer diverse and trendy clothing options
  • Simplify browsing, booking, and returning
  • Ensure seamless experience on both iOS and Android
  • Implement safe transactions and reliable shipping

Positive Health

  • Streamline the booking process for lab appointments
  • Provide a user-friendly interface for appointment management
  • Ensure privacy and security of patient information
  • Seamlessly coordinate appointments with lab testing services